Nike | Centre Pompidou | France

The Eye & Vaporman projections Vapormax Release  - Air Max Day 2017.

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An Idea of Luxury

Volvo Art Session | Hauptbahnhof Zürich

The 8 hours performance for Volvo is a journey to a parallel universe in the middle of Zurich Main Station.

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The Art of Color

Diesel | Interactive Worldwide

Series of Interactive films for Diesel - Fresh & Bright

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The Zoo & Space Cookies

Galettes St Michel | France

TV commercials & viral content for the Galettes St Michel cookies.

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12 Days of Leftovers

 Ouback Steakhouse | US

Christmas internet campaign for Outback Steakhouse.

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The DoughBall Christmas song

Pizza Express | UK

Internet campaign for Pizza Express Christmas Dough balls.

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BT Home Infinity

British Telecom | UK

Internet campaign created for British Telecommunications customer service.

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