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Painting presentation

Raphael Hotel | Paris

2018 May 31st, Paris. Geely Design welcomed the arrival of six Bo Yue SUVs in Paris this evening, with a special evening of art and design in one of Europe’s most creative and cultural cities.

To mark the team’s arrival in Paris, Executive Vice President of Geely Design, Peter Horbury, along with two representatives from his Shanghai studio – senior interior expert, Justin Scully (from Wales), and exterior design director, Brandon Pan (from China) – hosted an evening entitled: Where East and West Meet in Art & Design – A Vision for Mobility in 2100.  The Geely car designers were joined by French artists Benoit Créac'h and Julia Gaudard, and Chinese-American artist, Yaya Chang.

Quantum Automobile

Commissioned by Geely

Vision for the Future with ‘Mobility 2100’ Exhibition in Paris / Hôtel Raphaël 
Acrylic & Collage on canvas: 100cm by 75cm

Agency: Influence associates

Prod: Atelier 22

“We are honored to collaborate with the prestigious Geely company.

We wanted to create a dynamic piece, resolutely oriented towards the future. We’ve named it ‘Quantum Automobile.’

 The mixed techniques (painting and collage) raises the question of entanglement and multiverse by asking which world are we going to create for 2100 and which car will we drive?

 We wanted to blur the lines between organic structures and Design /Technology, the influences of the past in metamorphosis.

 If we could travel time in the quantum reality, the car would not move. This is what the painting represents – a meta-car traveling in a de-materialized universe.”