Cookie Jar - Traffic Sign feat. Jake the Rapper

Berlin Represent! The rainbow pastel narrative for Traffic Signs and Jake the Rapper's "COOKIE JAR" tells a simple tale of restraint: don’t take more cookies than you can chew. After the “Cookie Girls,” Shannon and her sister Krystal, become intrigued by the rapper’s “Young Belly,” a stomach with a mind of its own, they pay the ultimate price when they stick their hands inside its gap-toothed mouth.

Direction & Art direction: Ben & Julia
Artists: Steve Bug & Jake The Rapper
Label: Poker Flat Recordings
Dancer: Diana Palm
Stylist: Larissa Bechtold
Nail artist: Effy Nails / Fingerbang Berlin

Make up: Jana Kalgajeva
Gaffer: Brian Apteiker
Assistant AD: Jonathan Beutel, Laure Gaillard
Prod: Ben&Julia Studio
3D belly animation & rig: Niel Jansson

Behind the scenes