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Music Video featured in TINO PIZZA EP.01 - New Crap

Here, T-Roll takes us to an incredible place where musicalities mix.
With a performance length of an extreme 43 sec. (song name) is one of 
the pillars of this new genre called Crap Music.
Visit if you also cherish this new genre.

Cookie Jar

Traffic Sign feat. Jake the Rapper

Performed by Jake the Rapper & Young Belly also featuring Steve Bug & the Cookie Girls.

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Pancakes & Syrup

Yo Gabba Gabba feat. Biz Markie

Music video for the Yo Gabba Gabba TV show 4th season.

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Tahiti Boy & the Palmtree Family

Music video from the album "Good Children Go To Heaven"

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Lieder von Früher


Music video for the hit single Lieder von Früher from the album "Oldschool"

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Nothing to celebrate

The Zax

Music video feat. Oma Violetta and Peke

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