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Ben&Julia Studio is tackling the creation of NFTs with their personal approach:

Our goal is not to deliver 10,000 designs as fast as possible but to focus on creating collections of high aesthetic and symbolic quality, true pieces of art minted in the Metaverse.



Shannon the Cookie Girl // Alpha Edition

the Alpha Edition is a series composed of 12 original designs distributed as follows:

  • 1 People Choice, edition of 1 000 000 (Possible Burn)
  • 5 Color Variations, edition of 40  
  • 3 Holographic, edition of 9
  • 2 Holo-MMI Premium, edition of 3
  • 1 Holo-MMI Gold, edition of 3





The character of Shannon originally appeared in the Cookie Jar music video for Traffic Sign Feat. Jake the Rapper, that Ben&Julia directed & designed. She later appeared in the second episode of Tino Pizza, and has accumulated several hundred million views in the form of GIFs in recent years.

She is one of the leading characters created by the artist duo and it seemed only natural to start with her and the classic move "the Mill"; and give her the place she deserves in the heart of every self-respecting B&J artworks collector.

Alpha Edition OUT NOW!




The Meta Mundus Imaginalis series is a collection of artworks by Swiss artist Julia Gaudard.

Working from photographs, she creates an inter-world, a literal visual interpretation of Henry Corbin's concept.