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Benoit Créac'h

Managing Director
Direction / VFX  🇫🇷

Julia Gaudard

Managing Director
Direction / Art Direction 🇨🇭

Who we are

Ben&Julia is a Berlin based Creative Studio founded in 2007 by Julia Gaudard & Benoit Créac'h

Multidisciplinary artists, video and art directors.

They create exceptional mixed media work through 2D and 3D animation, puppetry and actors in costumes.

To date their work has been enthusiastically commissioned and activated on a wide spectrum of platforms, from working with NIKE (Centre Georges Pompidou, Paris), Volvo (Zurich, CH), Swatch (Luzern, CH) and MTV to live painting at Art Basel and exhibiting at Pictoplasma (NYC, Paris, Berlin, Monterrey). 

The studio is known for its enthusiastic creativity and faculty to deliver high end results in all circumstances.

"Making sure daily that stays a special place to develop creativity is our goal."

Ben & Julia

What we do

Art Direction | Design

The studio is focusing on delivering ground-breaking visuals, illustrations and graphics for web, print & videos since 2007.

Ben & Julia first designed, directed and animated an extensive series of music videos before collaborating with some of the best brands in the world while developing new routes through mixed media realities. 

Imagery is approached both in 2D - 3D, live & digital worlds. 

Model-Set Design | Sculptures | Molding & Casting

For films & fine art, from toy size to 3,30 meter long figures, Ben&Julia Studio creates bigger than life Sofubi and Sentaï costumes for artistic projects / collab.

Vacuum / air free molds, clear-cast resin, silicone mask and prosthetic.

The films for Diesel, Outback, Yo Gabba Gabba and art performance Volvo Art Session, also feature a wild range of sculpted work.

Animation | VFX | Stop Motion

While mixing all sorts of media, we developed a special expertise in compositing, keying, tracking & designing radical motion graphics that ultimately nourishes our work as directors.

For Motion Design oriented projects, please visit

Design, Shoot and post produce.

Chroma key & more mini studio, Photo & Video.

Dragonframe system and monitor feedback.

Our studio features a workshop for fine-art projects, design and cast of special props & costume making.

4K worstation with 1.60m playback.

10 Bit calibrated Monitor (Flanders)

Motion Design, editing, grading, voice over recording / Avid & Protools 2019.

Conferences / Workshops

  • OFFF Festival | Barcelona 2017
  • Cannes Lions | Cannes 2014
  • FITC | Amsterdam 2013
  • Hyper Island |Karlskrona  2013
  • Fête de l'Anim - guests of honor | Lilles 2012
  • Faux Images | Berlin 2011
  • Pictoplasma Festival | Berlin 2011
  • Playgrounds Festival | Netherlands 2011
  • Pictoplasma Festival | New York 2011