Ben&Julia Studio

Creative Direction, Design, Production and VFX.

The Berlin studio is a collaborative space where ideas and projects can be developed organically in one creative flow.

We work with Brands, Artists and Networks creating inspiring artworks for the world to enjoy.

This is where we draw, paint, sculpt, mold, cast, shoot, edit, animate, continue designing, grade, record a voice-over, play music.

We are in Neukölln ϟ Alt-Treptow area - 2 min. from the enchanted ♥ Landwehr Canal ♥


While developing their artistic approach Ben&Julia hbeen enthusiastically commissioned by some of the greatest brand such as NIKE, Diesel, BT, Volvo, Swatch, MTV.

Since 2016, Ben&Julia have founded the art-production company Maison Saucisse for outstanding projects, licensing and merchandising development.


A space separated from all the craft and dedicated to Digital Art, Audio & Video.

We have worked on productions around the world and we know how to handle sophisticated projects and manage your deadlines smoothly. From motion graphics, VFX supervision, keying & tracking expertise, mixed media compositing, grading with us and experience high standard quality work made in Berlin.

Delivering 4K / UHD masters since 2015.

Graphic Design

We design logos, illustrations, characters and graphics for web, print & videos.

Adobe CS | Traditional

Animation | VFX

Services include 2D - 3D compositing, keying, tracking & motion graphics.

After effects | Dragonframe

Editing | Color Grading

Editing services from HD to 4K master delivery.

Work in true colors space and benefit of large scale 65" 4K pre-visualization.

Avid | Premiere | Pro Tools | Davinci | 10bit color-space calibrated monitor


With projects becoming bigger and more challenging every year, we felt the need to have a space dedicated to the artistic duties and large enough to welcome teams of collaborators.

This is where we can draw, project, paint, cut, glue, sculpt, cast, sew and transform your ideas.

Concept & Design

Ideas and how to represent them.

We love to write and use our drawing skills to give shape to ideas. We can also compose music or create sounds to get a feeling of the rhythm of the piece we want to develop.

Puppets & Furry Friends

Our puppets are our pride :) Totally in love with the puppets of the 80's / 90's, we have always made a point of honor to stand out from what has been done in this field.

We give our best to bring to the world "Better than 3D" Next-Gen puppets. 

Models & Sculptures

We have created a wide range of model sets and sculptures, from toy size to 3,30 meter long figures.

We love mixing techniques, modeling chavant, clay, super sculpey, craft foam, cardboard, wood, metal and more. Always with the great attention to details that defines our work.

Costume making 

From design to execution, we create costumes for music videos, artistic performance and advertising (cf. Mattress-man costume, Pumpkin Creeper, Giant Mouse).

Challenge us with your ideas and use the contact form to request the incredible costumes that fit your needs.

Molding and cast

The studio is equipped with a vacuum chamber and pump for clear-cast resin,  air free silicone molds, resistant silicone platinum mask and prosthetics.

99.9997% of our props are made directly in house (cf. Diesel, Volvo Art Session, World of Kaluk)


The world is luminous and colorful and we should embrace its beauty.  

Airbrush, sprays, acrylic, watercolor, ink, pencil, poscas.

The best coloring techniques should be used to color your project and we are happy to help you with it.


Ideal for photo, video, interview, packshot, model sets & stop-motion projects.
Camera equipment, wide range of lenses, microphones, monitoring, tripod and slider.

Featuring Dragonframe animation system, Chroma Key backdrop.


Fully customizable studio.

Shoot in small decor or Chroma-key.

Take advantage of the other spaces for make-up, retouching, large preview, compositing tests.


Fashion, beauty, catalogs and magazine covers , editorials, head-shots and products.

Get that shot you've been waiting to take!

Ask us about our lighting and lenses package for the stage.

Stop Motion

You can easily shoot and edit stop motion videos wih the Dragonframe system. Simply shoot your pics & adjust the timing in the software.

Keep your shots consistent with our LED light equipment, adjustable shooting table & tripod.



  • OFF Festival | Barcelona 2017
  • Cannes Lions | Cannes 2014
  • Fitc | Amsterdam 2013
  • Hyper Island | Sweden 2013
  • Fête de l'Anim - guests of honor | France 2012
  • Faux Images | Berlin 2011
  • Pictoplasma Festival | Berlin 2011
  • Playgrounds Festival | Netherlands 2011
  • Pictoplasma Festival | New York 2011

Benoit Créac'h

Managing Director
Direction / VFX supervision 🇫🇷

Julia Gaudard

Managing Director
Direction / Art Direction 🇨🇭


Established in 2007 in Paris, Ben&Julia Studio is a 2000 sqft creative studio based in Berlin and founded by the French/Swiss duo of fine-art directors, Julia Gaudard and Benoit Créac'h.

Since more than 10 years, B&J have been developing their mixed-media aesthetic, providing visuals and symbolic setups on a contemporary level.