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The World of Kaluk

Exhibitions: Pictoplasma Festival | Berlin     La Gaïté Lyrique | Paris    Voo Store | Berlin     Museo de Arte Contemporáneo | Monterrey

The world of Kaluk is a sculptural and multimedia project initiated in 2011 by the artists Ben&Julia and first presented at the Stink Gallery during the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin, later at La Gaïté Lyrique in Paris and in 2012 fragment of 2nd Life of Kaluk, at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo Monterrey.
The project is divided on seven dimensions / lives of the almighty Five-Eared Dog; each life brings Kaluk  and the audience to a new conscious vision of the world.

The artists Ben&Julia open the doors of an imaginary museum where oversized fantastical characters and surreal story lines create a strong interaction with the audience.

The mind quickly creates an entanglement of thoughts using the colorful sculpted matter and audio waves as a tutor to shape the Five-Eared Dog's world.

Installations, sculptures, paintings, audio / video. 2011 - 2013

3 Moments in the Life of Kaluk Exhibition

Pictoplasma festival | Berlin

Listen to the German audio guide 🎧 while looking at the images below ⬇⬇      Read by Nils Schwemer     

Listen to the English audio guide 🎧 while looking at the images below ⬇⬇      Read by Matt Lambert      Translation: Ligaya Salazar

Scene 1 | The Birth of Kaluk

Room 2 | The Coronation of Kaluk

Kaluk @ La Gaîté Lyrique

Room 3 | The Death of Kaluk

The 2nd Life of Kaluk Hypothesis

Pictoplasma / Museo de Arte Contemporáneo | Monterrey

La Légende des Hommes Poulets Illustrations

Voo Store Gallery | Berlin

Kuku Netu Portrait

Kuku Bèl Portrait

Kuku WaKuu Portrait